WEW Tag Team Championship
Natural Born Killaz
Date won June 29, 2014
(aired June 29, 2014)
Brand Adrenaline
Promotion World Elite Wrestling

The WEW Tag Team Championship are the main tag team division championship titles in the World Elite Wrestling federation. The first champions were The Hellcats, who won it at WEW's first pay-per-view, Free Fall to Fury against The Bella Twins. As a team, The British Alliance and The Divas of Harlem have held the championships the most times, having had two reigns each. Individually, Brutus Magnus, Tom Sykes, Neffeteria Jones, Deidra Johnson, and Cassidy Hightower were all Tag Team Champions twice. The current champions, Natural Born Killaz, are the longest reigning champions with an on-going 316 days. Cataclysm holds the shortest reign at 22 days. Currently, the British Alliance is the only all-male team to have held the Tag Team Championships.


The first champions are The Hellcats who won the at WEW's first pay-per-view, Free Fall to Fury after defeating The Bella Twins. On October 25, 2011 The Hellcats passed their 100th day of being the Tag Team Champions, a first in WEW. On February 2, 2012 The champions made yet another milestone with their reign being 200 days long and still being undefeated as a team. On February 21, 2012, The Hellcats vacated the titles after having a 219 day reign. The titles were finally given new owners on April 8, 2012 at the WEW Retribution pay-per-view event when Angelica Monroe pinned Justin Blade to win her and her tag team partner, Randy Orton, the vacant titles. The pair were defeated in their first defense against The British Alliance. The British Alliance went on to be defeated in their first defense as well, against Cataclysm. Paula Gonzalez departed from the company on August 20, leaving Cassidy as the sole holder of both belts. After Cassidy defeated Brutus Magnus for sole possession of the championships, she announced her new co-holder, boyfriend Nathaniel Saint, a week later on Adrenaline. The pair lost their championships to La Lolitas on an edition of Adrenaline not long after. In La Lolitas first defense, they lost the championships to The British Alliance, making the British Alliance the first two-time Tag Team Champions. In an unfortunate turn of events on Monday Night Animosity's Super Show, Sophie Oliveira pinned Flame to win Inked's first Tag Team Championships. Inked lost the Tag Team Championships to the Divas of Harlem at Legacy: Hawaii when Deidra Johnson pinned Karolina Graf. The Divas of Harlem were defeated by American Prominence to end their first reign, however, they regained the titles a month later for their second reign. At the Retribution III pay-per-view, the Divas of Harlem were stripped of the championships by orders of then-owner, Mrs. Vanderbilt. The Divas failed to regain the championships at Legacy: Jamaica in a Four Corners match; it was won by the Natural Born Killaz. The Natural Born Killaz became the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions and also the first tag team to break 300 days in their reign.



# Indicates what number the reign is
Date The date in which the championship was obtained
Venue The event where the championship was obtained
Notes Any additional important information on how the championship changed hands
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
# Wrestler Name Date Venue Notes

The Hellcats

(Zharya Burke & Shauvon)
July 17, 2011 Free Fall to Fury The Hellcats defeated The Bella Twins in order to become the inaugural Tag Team Champions.
Vacated February 21, 2012 WEW Monday Night Animosity The Hellcats vacated the titles after claiming there was no competition left for them in the tag team division.
2 Randy Orton & Angelica Monroe April 8, 2012 WEW Retribution Monroe & Orton defeated the team of SM Raye and Justin Blade when Monroe pinned Blade in order to capture the vacant Championships.

The British Alliance

(Brutus Magnus & Tom Sykes)Edit
June 15, 2012 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline


(Cassidy Hightower & Paula Gonzalez)Edit
July 22, 2012 WEW Crossroads
4 Cassidy Hightower August 20, 2012 Cassidy became the sole holder of the Championships after the departure of her tag team partner, Paula. This time period isn't officially recognized as a fifth reign, or Cassidy's second reign, but just a continuation of the reign she had with Paula.

Cassidy Hightower (2) & Nathaniel Saint

September 14, 2012 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline Cassidy's new co-holder was announced as Nathaniel Saint, making their partnership her official second reign as a WEW Tag Team Champion and the fifth overall reign for the Tag Team Championship belt.

La Lolitas

(Brooklyn Carter & Daniella Carter)Edit

October 14, 2012

WEW Friday Night Adrenaline

The British Alliance

(Brutus Magnus & Tom Sykes)Edit
January 18, 2013 WEW Friday Night Adrenaline The match was contested under a Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Team Match including The Hellcats, La Lolitas.


(Karolina Graf & Sophie Oliveira)Edit
May 6, 2013 WEW Monday Night Animosity Super Show In a Four Way free for all, Inked captured their first Tag Team Championships.

Divas of Harlem

(Neffeteria Jones & Deidra Johnson)Edit
July 28, 2013 WEW Legacy: Hawaii

American Prominence

(Brian James & Phoenix Winterborn)Edit
December 23, 2013 WEW Monday Night Animosity Super Show

Divas of Harlem (2)

(Neffeteria Jones & Deidra Johnson)Edit
January 26, 2014 Free Fall 2 Fury
Vacated April 27, 2014 WEW Retribution III After a few months of inactivity, WEW's then-owner, Mrs. Vanderbilt, stripped the Divas of Harlem of the championships due to 30 days of not defending their belts.

Natural Born Killaz

(Peyton Banx & Daniel Richards)Edit
June 29, 2014 WEW Legacy: Jamaica The Natural Born Killaz won the championships in a traditional Four Corners match including Venom, The Divas of Harlem, and The Men of War.



Indicates the current champion
<1 Indicates the reign was less than 1 day

By TeamEdit

As of May 10, 2015

Rank Team # of
1. Natural Born Killaz (Daniel Richards & Peyton Banx)† 1 316+
2. Divas of Harlem (Neffeteria Jones & Deidra Johnson) 2 241
3. The Hellcats (Zharya Burke & Shauvon) 1 219
4. The British Alliance (Tom Sykes & Brutus Magnus) 2 147
5. La Lolitas (Brooklyn Carter & Daniella Carter) 1 96
6. INKED (Karolina Graf & Sophie Oliveira) 1 86
7. Angelica Monroe & Randy Orton 1 69
8. Cassidy Hightower & Nathaniel Saint 1 30
9. American Prominence (Brian James & Phoenix Winterborn) 1 34
10. Cataclysm (Cassidy Hightower & Paula Gonzalez) 1 22

By WrestlerEdit

As of May 10, 2015

Rank Wrestler # of
1. Peyton Banx† 1 316+
2. Daniel Richards† 1 316+
3. Neffeteria Jones 2 241
4. Deidra Johnson 2 241
5. Shauvon 1 219
6. Zharya Burke 1 219
7. Brutus Magnus 2 147
8. Tom Sykes 2 147
9. Brooklyn Carter 1 96
10. Daniella Carter 1 96
11. Karolina Graf 1 86
12. Sophie Oliveira 1 86
13. Angelica Monroe 1 69
14. Randy Orton 1 69
15. Cassidy Hightower 2 67
16. Brian James 1 34
17. Phoenix Winterborn 1 34
18. Nathaniel Saint 1 30
19. Paula Gonzalez 1 22

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