The Hellcats is a professional wrestling tag team normally comprised of two female wrestlers: Zharya Burke and Shauvon. The main gimmick of the stable is a typical heel women's alliance with the goal to take over not only the tag team division, but the entire federation in which they are signed to. The duo debuted as a tag team in World Elite Wrestling and quickly rose to the top of the tag team division, winning an Open Invitational against The Bella Twins to become the companies inaugural WEW Tag Team Champions. They became the first champions in the company to have a reign exceed 200 days. They are also still the longest-reigning champions.

The Hellcats
Tag team
Members Shauvon
Zharya Burke
Name(s) The Hellcats
Heights Shauvon: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Zharya: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Combined Weight
Debut June 2011
Disbanded 2013
Promotions World Elite Wrestling



World Elite Wrestling (2011-2013)Edit

The tag team announced themselves via the website, claiming to be the biggest threat to not only the women's division, but to the tag team divison. A few weeks later they made their debut match against The Bella Twins, the other tag team competing in the Open Invitational at Free Fall to Fury for the Tag Team Championships; Shauvon pinned Nikki Bella to pick up the win. The following weekend at the pay-per-view event, Zharya pinned Nikki for The Hellcats to become the inaugural Tag Team Champions. The champions returned to the next pay-per-view, Cyberslam, and defeated The Bella Twins once again. Two weeks later the women appeared on Animosity and successfully defended their championships against Charlie D Luzon and The Fizz, when Zharya pinned Fizz. The following week Zharya debuted in her first singles match and defeated The Rock after interference by Shauvon. The women proceeded to initiate a post-match attack on Rock, but Evan Bourne came out to his save and was announced as Rock's partner. The following week Shauvon defeated Evan Bourne in a one-on-one contest. At the pay-per-view, Zharya debuted her new Code Red maneuver on The Rock to secure yet another victory for The Hellcats, continuing their undefeated streak. Almost a month later, the Hellcats returned to Animosity to defeat Angela Fortin and Serai Leone, two members of the New Breed. The following week, the Hellcats were booked to face Lucky Lawliet and Blackout, two members of both the New Breed and the Takeover. The Hellcats were successful when Zharya pinned Blackout after hitting her Code Red maneuver.

Alliance with Priscilla Oliveira & "Barbie Movement"Edit

Following the announcement of the release of Priscilla Oliveira from her role as the WEW Animosity General Manager, 1/2 of the Hellcats tag team, Shauvon, announced that Priscilla resigned the same night under a management contract with the Hellcats. On the November 7th edition of Animosity, after Hannah Walters loss to Karolina Graf, the Hellcats attacked Walters post-match; in a backstage segment later on in the night the two announced that until the new General Manager, Taylor Casitllo, quit and gave Priscilla back her job, that they would attack one "barbie" each week. This feud boiled over to Twitter where the Hellcats took to making trending topics such as "#BarbieDollProblems" and "#BarbiesSuckMoreThan" which multiple WEW Superstars and other fans participated in, mostly aiming their jokes at Hannah, her sister Zoey, and fellow Animosity Starlet Acacia Monroe. This led to Zharya's account being suspended by Twitter after complaints abotu her rude behavior to which Zharya immediately blamed the "barbies" for. The following week on Animosity the three women continued their tirade and attacked Kinley Beau while she was having an interview about an 8-person tag team match she'd had earlier on in the night. The following week on Animosity, Zharya and Shauvon defeated Zoey Walters and Acacia Monroe and attacked the two women, including Hannah Walters, post-match. At the Battlefield pay-per-view, The Hellcats hosted the first annual Hellcat Awards, which they'd hyped up before on their Twitter pages. They presented awards that were meant to degrade to their foes, such as Hannah and Zoey Walters, Justin Blade, Serai Leone, and Donna Perion. As the awards ended the Hellcats and Priscilla were attacked by all of the women they'd been talking about. The following week after on Animosity, The Hellcats announced that they were going to defend their Tag Team titles up until Winter Warzone to "show the Barbies how to get things done." Their first defense was in a Christmas Star Ladder Match where they defeated Justin Blade and Erica Lynne, after Shauvon pulled down the Christmas Star. That same week the girls defended their titles successfully against Serai Leone and Donna Perion on Adrenaline. Not but three days later the champions were back on Animosity for he "enemies become partners" themed Animosity; Zharya was teamed with Zoey Walters while Shauvon was with Isabella Luna in a match where whomever got the pin in the match won both Tag Team Titles. Shauvon pinned Zharya to retain the titles for the Hellcats after Zoey executed her finishing maneuver on Zharya. The following week Shauvon teamed with Vantage to defeat Jaxson Baxter and Isabella Luna meanwhile Zharya defeated Zoey Walters earlier on in the night in a one-on-one match. At the Winter Warzone pay-per-view, Zoey turned on Isabella to cost her team the match and thus Taylor was fired via the stipulation due to The Hellcats winning. Post-match, Ligeia Carisous made her return, seemingly being the "surprise" that The Hellcats spoke of, but Ligeia turned on the two as well. Priscilla announced that as a reward for The Hellcats helping her get her job back that they would get a paid vacation for as long as they wanted. Since then the champions have not been seen on television.

Vacating Championships & Feud with Eliza GrayEdit

The Hellcats returned after an almost full months vacation to announce that they'd thought about it and decided to vacate the Tag Team Championships due to lack of competition within the division, and they are so far the only champions to have made it past 200 days of holding their titles. A Twitter war sparked between former Starlet Champion, Eliza Gray, and Burke, which led to a match scheduled between the two on Animosity. The match ended in a double countout and carried on backstage where Shauvon was waiting to attack Gray, and Burke later on joined in on the attack after making her way backstage. Gray requested a handicap match against The Hellcats for the next week.


After The Hellcats short feud with Eliza Gray, The Hellcats disappeared off of television for months while the World Tour was going on. Burke teased her release due to not competing, while Shauvon barely tweeted. Finally, on the May 14, 2012 edition of Animosity, the girls returned to the show at the very beginning to attack a new debuting tag team, Dangerously Glamorous. The following week the two teams fought to a no contest after The Hellcats attacked them from behind. At Legacy, The Hellcats were booked in a triple threat contract-on-a-pole match which they lost to Cataclysm. Two weeks later, the team disbanded after Zharya announced her departure from WEW. Zharya has confirmed that when she returns to professional wrestling, she's willing to revive the team.

Return to WEW & 2nd DisbandmentEdit

On the October 14th "Nathan Parker Appreciation Night" edition of Adrenaline, at the finale of the show, Zharya was introduced by the newest General Manager, Haylee Beaulieu, as one of the returning signees to the company. Later on in the night, it was announced that she'd been signed to the Adrenaline brand. A few hours later her tag team partner, Shauvon, also signed to the Adrenaline brand to once again become an active wrestler and the duo made it clear that the Hellcats would be making a return. The two officially returned in a backstage segment together at the Third Degree Burns pay-per-view. The Hellcats made their return to the ring on the October 9th edition of Adrenaline against Caroline and Mercedes Vargas; Zharya pinned Caroline to give the two a victorious return match. The following week, the Hellcats were once again victorious, this time against the Werewolves of London. The Hellcats picked up another win, via count-out, in a 6-Person Tag Team match against the Armada Latina, with Brooklyn Carter as their partner. In the following weeks, The Hellcats were spotted backstage by Rima Caprice on their cell phones, plotting a big surprise for the pay-per-view. Things turned physical on an edition of Adrenaline when Zharya grabbed the interviewer around her neck and threatened her before slapping her. The plans turned out to be a ruse as neither appeared at the pay-per-view. A week later, on Adrenaline, Shauvon defeated JJ Goldberg and Burke was scheduled for a match with the Women's Champion, Rhiannon; however, as Zharya entered the arena, she was abducted by the British Alliance and the match was ruled a no contest. Later on in the week it was confirmed that The Hellcats would face the British Alliance the following week; The Hellcats went on to win the match after Shauvon pinned Tom Sykes. Once again, The Hellcats split up on mutual terms after Burke once again left the ring scene to take a backstage role inside of the company.

Wrestling InformationEdit

  • Members
  • Former Members
  • Finishing and Signature Moves
    • Run of the Mill (Bridging Northern Suplex / Heel Hook)
    • Bitch Brutality (Powerbomb & Hangman's Neckbreaker Combo)
    • Legally Evil (Flapjack into Dropkick)
    • Hair-Pull (Shauvon); Scissor Kick (Burke)
    • Holds Opponents Legs (Burke); Heel Kick (Shauvon)
    • Opponent draped over knee / Big Boot
    • Illgeal rope assisted choke with a dirty kick/knee to jaw
    • Clothesline/Chop block combo
  • Signature Objects
    • Championship Belts
  • Entrance Music
    • "Run The World" by Beyonce (WEW)
    • "Bad Girls" by M.I.A (WEW)

Championships and Accomplishments)Edit

  • World Elite Wrestling
    • WEW Tag Team Champions (1 time, Inaugural)
    • 2011 WEW Tag Team of the Year (Won)
    • 2011 WEW Award for Match of the Year (The Hellcats vs. The Takeover, Nominated)
    • 2011 WEW Award for Champion of the Year (Nominated)
    • 2012 WEW Award for Comeback of the Year (Nominated)
    • 2012 WEW Award for Feud of the Year (The Hellcats vs. The Barbies, Ranked #7)
  • The Other Side
    • TOS ranked her #20 of the best 77 female singles wrestlers in the TOS Awards of 2011 - Zharya Burke
    • TOS ranked her #37 of the best 77 female singles wrestlers in the TOS Awards of 2011 - Shauvon
    • Ranked as the #5 Feud/Storyline of 2011 - The Hellcats v. "The Barbies"
    • Ranked as the #3 Tag Team/Stable of 2011 - The Hellcats
    • Ranked as the #5 Heel of 2011 - Zharya Burke
    • Ranked as the #4 Diva of 2011 - Shauvon

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